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Collaboration with Minniva!


I'm very happy and proud to collaborate with the Norwegian YouTube singer Minniva Børessen and Belgian guitarist Quentin Cornet. We are covering Within Temptation's song featuring Tarja Turunen "Paradise (What About Us?)". Thank you so much for the invitation! 

Click on the button to watch on YouTube!

Triaxis announce UK Tour 2017


After hitting the stages of Southampton, Birmingham (Power Metal Quest festival) and Bournemouth, Triaxis, along with the metal band Dakesis, are ready to spread their wings over:


  • 19/4  Trillians, Newcastle

  • 20/4  Bannermans, Edinburgh 

  • 21/4  Rebellion, Manchester

  • 22/4  Fiddler’s Elbow, London (Camden)


For this tour Triaxis will be joined by guest drummer Marc Jackson of Acid Reign, ex- M:Pire of Evil.

We’re looking forward to seeing and rocking with you!


For more info, visit Triaxis’ official page here:

Triaxis would like to thank everyone for their fantastic support so far this year with new vocalist Angel Wolf - Black. The band will be focusing hard on writing new material over the next 6 months, so don’t miss this handful of live appearances before it’s time to enter the studio for album number four!

I am the new singer of Triaxis!


I'm very happy to share the great news with you; I'm joining the British heavy metal band Triaxis

I had just moved to England and, very soon after, I crossed paths with the British metallers, who were looking for a new vocalist. 

Over the last couple of months I have loved learning and rehearsing the Triaxis material and I am so excited to perform it live! I hope that the fans will share in my excitement and enthusiasm for the future.

We have already begun to write our next release so you shouldn't have long to wait!

Feel free to watch our announcement video and spread the word!

See you on the road!

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