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Angel is a performing and recording artist (singer) from Greece, located in Southampton, UK.

Singer of the international metal band Vivaldi Metal Project.

In 2009, Angel released her first full-length album, “Always Forever”, with her former metal band, Bare Infinity, followed by the EP “The Passage”, in 2011.  

Later that year, she released her first single “Miles", embracing her role as a songwriter by writing music influenced by the jazz genre with a narrative mood. The song has been featured in the compilation album “Siren’s Garden”, released by the worldwide community of female metal and rock singers “Eve’s Apple” in order to offer financial aid to the non-profit organisation Shropshire Music Foundation.

After Bare Infinity's split, the singer joined the alternative rock band Broken Tempo, toured around Greece, and released "YOU"  single, while following her passion for metal music, she became part of Seduce the Heaven's lineup as their new front-woman in 2013.


During 2016, Angel was introduced to Vivaldi Metal Project and recorded the track "The Illusion of Eternity"  for the debut album “The Four Seasons”, taking the role of leading voice, while 2017 found her touring around the UK with the British heavy metal act Triaxis as their new front-woman, and running her YouTube channel “Angel Wolf-Black Covers” focused on metal cover videos and counting more than 100,000 views.

In 2018, Angel was featured in Alexandra Zerner's double album "Opus 1880" as lead guest singer, and toured in Finland, Bulgaria and Italy with Vivaldi Metal Project


Angel has collaborated with several great artists and charity organisations, including Mark Boals and Mistheria (Rome 2016), Aherusia (2016), Milcho Leviev (2013), Rock In Dio (2014, 2015), and “Make-A-Wish Greece” (2015).

Angel by Karolina Tsirogianni
Angel 03
Angel by Louis Konstantinou


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